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22 Million Years Old

From the Early Miocene Period, the petrified wood that forms Ascendance is a tropical hardwood in the Dipterocarpaceae family, and was found in West Java in Indonesia.

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9 ft tall (2.75 m)
5 ft in diameter (1.52 m)
7,850 lbs (3,560 kg)
22 Million Years Old

Purchase includes worldwide shipping, full electrical and gas installation, personal in-situ finishing, light installation, and landscaping surrounding the piece.

Ascendance operates as a natural gas fireplace with wireless remote control and Bluetooth compatibility. Can optionally be converted to bio-ethanol for indoor use.

Contact for pricing.


As a way of giving back to the people of Indonesia - the primary source of the petrified wood used to create a Metaplace - 2% of our net profits will be donated to Direct Relief International, a non-profit that provides humanitarian medical aid in impoverished regions of Indonesia.